Spriicommerce / Social Commerce

What is Spriicommerce?

According to reports*, about 91% of Internet users aged 16 – 64 search online for products and services.

By 2024, approximately 17.5 million Malaysians will shop online, with the projected market volume to hit US$ 8.6 billion.

If you want to capture a slice of this pie, you need to adapt to the world of Ecommerce.

SIMSPRII Loyalty Management (SLM)

Our SIMSPRII Loyalty Management (SLM) platform was designed to help our merchants build strong relationships with their customers and gain helpful insights for future growth—all through a blockchain-based platform backed by AI and Machine Learning.

Whether for B2C or B2B, our SLM loyalty and rewards platform gives you the freedom to create and manage personalized loyalty programs that are attractive, worthwhile, and full of benefits for all involved.

Our system lets you…

  • Easily plan and implement multiple loyalty point, cash back, affiliate, or referral programs at the same time.
  • Create long-lasting relationships with your customers via personalized offers and incentives.
  • Receive crucial data on customer spending habits and anticipate consumer demand via our advanced AI and Machine Learning mechanisms that work behind the scenes.
  • Keep your data safe. Our platform is blockchain-based and stores all information on an immutable ledger. This minimizes the risk of data breaches and fraudulent activities and ensures the security of your customers’ data.
  • Keep in touch and build confidence with your customers in real time using multiple contact channels.
  • Gain an extra stream of revenue by earning cash when your customers spend their rewards on other merchants in the SLM ecosystem.

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