Welcome to Simajji

Simajji Concept is professional in developing cutting edge digital & multimedia technology solutions

Hello we are,
Simajji Concept.

Since 2001, we have strived to always keep evolving and innovating with the latest industry trends, so our customers can be ready for every challenge ahead. From Ecommerce to payments to digital marketing and more, our Kuala Lumpur-based team continues to innovate and develop solutions that will ready our clients for success in the digital global market.

Our Mission

What We Stand For

People First

We firmly commit ourselves to the wellbeing of our workers and the general public, and always seek to improve in how we develop our products and processes to ensure that all involved are kept safe always.

Our Customers Are Family

We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients by providing excellent services with unrivalled value. We believe that the success of our customers is also ours, and aspire to always be the best business partners anyone can find.

Making A Positive Impact

Corporate responsibility is our top priority, and we aim to leave every area we operate in better than how we found it.

Honest & Integrity

Our Golden Rule is to always be honest. We make the conscious effort to be transparent in our day-to-day operations and to maintain genuine relationships with our stakeholders.

Always Improving

We’re always thinking of how we can do things better, always challenging ourselves to punch above our weight and come out as winners. We feel that being comfortable is the death of success, which is why we’re always making sure that our services are always on up to speed with the latest tech and trends of today.

Our Focus

Go Green . Community . Reality


While we aim to develop the most cutting-edge solutions to help our customers achieve their goals, we also believe in doing all of it with our environment in mind. As such, we welcome all new ideas that can help us achieve this goal.


We aim to enable others to achieve more and pay it forward. Our endeavor is to foster a community spirit that helps our customers achieve their goals while making a positive impact in the world around them.

Turning Ideas into Reality

We believe in making the impossible become achievable, and we always aim to combine green concepts and technological innovation to help our customers realize their goals and dreams.