The emerge of QR Code has lead people to step out from print era to mobile world, people around us are used to seeing and scanning them to obtain encoded information. However, this standard QR Code has became “old fashioned” and started to be transcend by other technologies such as AR, Wave and others. Since the world is going mobile, QR technology was improved and getting more interactive and humanity – the Visual QR Code / Embedded QR Code.

Visually Appealing and Machine-Readable

Visual / Embedded QR Code give up the traditional black modules (square dots) arranged in a square grid on a white background; it integrate QR Code into any image, blending the familiar QR Codes that people recognize with the visual design that people love. These Visual / Embedded QR Code have increase engagement significantly, creating a communicative, creative and effective visual calls-to-action from print to mobile.

First Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation

Now, everybody can DIY. Sprii generator enables users to embed QR Codes easily into any image or advertisement in a simple and user-friendly manner. The most important, it doesn’t require any professional graphic design skills. Advertiser or Merchant can insert these interactive QR Codes into the advertisements broadcasted by MDS or even embed on Sprii coupons; customers can scan with the pre-installed Sprii mobile apps to read the encoded information e.g. promotion, store location, product details and etc.

These Visual / Embedded QR Codes definitely make advertisement more appealing to customers and aid merchant to enhance brand values!

What we do

Just type in content (text, URL or message),and then click on the generator – your QR Code is ready to use!

Visual / Embedded QR Code
Makes your QR Code more attractive by integrate with image, color, shape or logo. It catch the eyeball, quickly discovered always a significant advantage over rivals.

Changes on content are available; you can always edit the content to cater your changing needs.

Multiple Output Format
Just select the format that best suit you, such as EPS SVG, PDF, JPEG or PNG. You can also embed the code directly on a website.

Number of Scans
Unlimited number of scans is supported. Zero service interruption ensures pleasure user experience – your customers are paramount to us.

Our analytic engine measure the number of scans, you can know how well your codes are doing. It also identify the location of best performed QR Code – you know customers from which area love you most!