Mobile shopping apps bring couponing into digital age; but question is – how well they can do?

Tremendous innovation was happening around mobile devices; however, the majority of it was designed and developed without regard for the myriad and disparate needs of different kinds of businesses. We believe that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all; particularly when it comes to mobile payments and marketing. Every merchant is unique; they need a solution that best coordinate / compatible with their business structure and assisting them to stand out in the emerging mobile economy world.

Sprii provide a 360-degree mobile marketing network to merchant, it can effectively help merchant to engage with their targeted mobile customers and boost the conversion rate of their coupons. The more important, direct-mail and email marketing is expensive, it will potentially ineffective if the coupons end up in the recycle bin.

To mobile customers, nothing is better than using Sprii to make earning while spending products or services; especially the earning can be in points or monetary return!

How Sprii Work

Sprii Features

Integrate Sprii with our extended advertising platform (MDS) and mobile technology (Embedded QR & AR) to enrich your virtual reality shopping experience!

Fast & Hassle Free
No design, no lead time, no production. Sprii will help you to generate all the coupons you need.

Location & Map
Let members who are actively looking to spend money to identify your stores with our location & map feature.

Love the Planet
No paper, no printing. Sprii is always environmentally friendly app.

Power of Control
You are in full on your offer – including promotion item, usage limit, expiration and more!

Pulling Attraction
Sprii points and money rewards create pulling marketing effect among customers. “Sprii” your coupons and wait the customers come to you! Any idea better than this?

Result Tracking & Analytic
Advanced analytic reports help you measure which offers are working, which aren’t; which customer categories bought your offers most; where (which store) the coupons were redeemed and etc.

You Can Always Do More with Sprii

We deliver our products either as standalone solution or in concert with our versatile platform and cutting edge technology functions to create a robust, multi-functional mobile commerce and marketing solutions.


Place your coupons / ads in our MDS platform to increase exposure and reach larger market share.

Augmented Reality (AR) Code

Implement AR technology in your stores, coupons and ads to create an outstanding virtual reality shopping experiences.

Let’s the customers feel and shop in a 3D way.

Embedded QR Code

Adopt the use of Embedded QR Code to make your coupons / ads more attractive and catchy!


Enable your customers to make payment using Sprii points or Sprii money rewards by “waving” their smartphones to the designated device.

It is so easy, fast and simple!