Mobile Digital Screen (MDS)

Mobile Digital Screen (MDS) was designed based upon the combination of mobile IT gadget and special advertisement broadcast programmed. It helps merchant to create memorable brand experience on their target audience in a unique, entertaining and impactful way by using eyeball marketing effect. This effect played a great role in gaining audience’s attention as it able to create forced focusing on audience with no visual obstruction environment; the ad message lasts long after it was viewed and further influence consumers to visit the website or store premises.

In overall, MDS generates a high level of consumer response because it makes the ad experience become so memorable and catchy!

How does it look like

MDS formed by a tablet PC with touch screen feature, well equipped with internet infrastructure.

How does it work

MDS utilized 3G feature to download advertisement content from host server and receive regular content update; it use the same method to send data log of each MDS's device back to the host server too. It contribute additional route data which can be used to generate analytic reports to improve performance quality and for marketing purpose.

How does ad play in MDS

Screen Display. Display A and Display B; both displays show different type of contents in different presentation style. In Display A, advertisement will be played in video format and run under specific loop; while in Display B, advertisement will be showed in static image format and run under specific interval cycle.

Content Management. Advertiser owned higher control in customize their advertisment contents; they can make flexible content update whenever needed to cater rapid change of market demand or promotion period. We record and report every advertisment apperance on the screen; analytics data will be generated and compiled on monthly basis to advertisers, advertisers can use these data to coordinate with their marketing / promotion plans and make necessary adjustment from time to time.

Ad Control. With programmed application, advertisement can be played based on preset time zone and geographical zone; advertiser is flexible to determine the time and location that best suit with their product / service. For example, a breakfast cereal advertiser can set their advertisement to be played in morning slot; while a retail store advertiser can set different promotion advertisement to cater store in City A in and store in City B.

Enriched Technology Features. Besides video advertisement and static image, advertiser also can utilize technology features to further enrich their advertisement effectiveness. Advertiser can insert embedded QR (Quick Response) code, AR (Augmented Reality) tracker or Wave function in their advertisement; audience can use the pre-installed mobile apps – Sprii to scan the code / tracker or wave to download voucher, view 3D virtual video and purchase sales item.